Cross Platform Applications

Javascript tools for file handling on all platforms

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Safe and signed download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The tools you will get with Deskfiler

Plugin Library

Enhance your Deskfiler with even more plugins

Deskfiler already ships with some free pre-installed plugins but you can find more in our ever growing plugin library. Need to share files via WeTransfer? Use our free WeTransfer Connector. You want to split some PDFs? Deskfiler got you covered with the PDF splitter plugin. Browse through the community driven plugin library and discover additional handy plugins.

Want to develop plugins for Deskfiler?

Everybody can create plugins with Deskfiler, we specifically built it that way. Read the documentation and you will be ready to publish your very own plugin!

Read more about our Open Source thoughts in our Open Source and Business manifesto.

Discover plugins

Deskfiler Community

Want to help shape the future of Deskfiler?

Professional developers and beginners are invited to help develop the Deskfiler project, all you need to get started is a little bit of basic HTML5, CSS & JavaScript.

Have an idea for an awesome plugin or even for a new Deskfiler feature?

Then read the docs, afterwards you will be ready to code gorgeous plugins for Deskfiler or you will even be able to contribute changes to the core application.

Build your own Deskfiler

Put together your personal Deskfiler experience

With Deskfiler you have the freedom to put together your very own smart software tool box. Easily add new plugins to your core application or simply remove plugins that you don't need anymore. No more inconvenient or unnecessary downloads, everything works within the application.

Browse through the plugin library

Log Feature

Keep track of your files

Deskfiler remembers everything for you and keeps track of all your files, passwords and accounts connected with the core application.
the best part, this happens locally, your personal information never leaves your computer and your passwords are being encrypted and can only be accessed by typing in your personally set master pin.

Create a Deskfiler account

Intuitive Design

No more unsafe or clunky downloads

Deskfiler was built specifically for you, to easily get your tasks done without any trouble. You will find all your plugins neatly organized in the home panel, no need for endless rummaging and risky downloads from third party websites. Deskfilers plugin library is being curated by our team and the Deskfiler community, so that you don't have to worry about any kind of ransomware and adware.

Get Started with Deskfiler

Build your own plugin toolbox now!

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Some Credits are in order!
Thanks to the XOBOteam from Kiev, who made the solutions possible!
Also thanks to the backend guys from Fanfario, Inc.,
who helped to setup the database servers!
We think we are fans of you, not just your great new platform!